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Business Valuation Services

Knowing the value of your business is an important part of strategic decision making. That’s why we’ve crafted specialized Business Valuation packages to guide you through every step of the selling process. Whether you’re just starting out, scaling up, or ready to make a major business transition, our expert team is here to support you.

  • Emerging Business Focus
  • Comprehensive Valuation
  • Optional Listing Service
  • Up to 3 Hrs of Consultation
  • Established Business Focus
  • Enhanced Valuation
  • Premium Listing Service
  • Up to 10 Hrs of Consultation
  • Buyer Vetting
  • Negotiation Support
  • High-Value Business Focus
  • Custom Valuation
  • Exclusive Listing Service
  • Unlimited Consultation
  • Buyer Acquisition Strategy
  • Comprehensive Negotiation
  • Closing Support

Basic Package

For emerging businesses seeking essential advice and support

  • Business Valuation: A comprehensive analysis to determine the current market value of your business.
  • Consultation Hours: Up to 3 hours of consultation covering the basics of preparing your business for sale.
  • Listing Service: Placement of your business on top business sale platforms to maximize exposure. (optional)

Standard Package

Designed for established businesses aiming for a balanced blend of support and autonomy in the selling process

  • Enhanced Business Valuation: In-depth valuation considering market trends, competitor analysis, and financial forecasting.
  • Buyer Vetting: Comprehensive vetting process including financial stability and investment potential.
  • Negotiation Support: Assistance in negotiation to maximize sale terms and price.
  • Consultation Hours: Up to 10 hours of consultation, including strategy sessions on market positioning and sale timing.
  • Premium Listing Service: Placement on premium platforms and targeted marketing to potential buyers. (optional)

Premium Package

Tailored for high-value businesses seeking extensive support and expert handling of the sale process

  • Custom Business Valuation: A bespoke valuation approach using advanced metrics and tailored market analysis.
  • Buyer Acquisition Strategy: Development and execution of a targeted buyer acquisition plan, including networking with potential investors.
  • Comprehensive Negotiation and Closing Support: Expert negotiation on your behalf to secure the best possible terms and assistance through the closing process.
  • Unlimited Consultation: Dedicated advisory support throughout the sale process, with unlimited hours covering all aspects of the sale, including post-sale transition.
  • Exclusive Listing Service: Custom marketing strategy including private listings, direct outreach to potential buyers, and social media promotion. (optional)